Brewing Up a Winning Combination

Brewing Up a Winning Combination

Brewing Up a Winning Combination: Chef Bob's Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee and the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world. 

It's a time when people from all over the world come together to celebrate the best of the best in the horse racing world. It's also a time when people indulge in some of the finest food and drinks that Kentucky has to offer.

One such drink that's a Derby staple is bourbon. And now, Chef Bob has taken this beloved spirit and infused it into his coffee to create a unique and flavorful experience for coffee lovers everywhere.

Chef Bob's Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is a one-of-a-kind coffee that's been aged in retired bourbon barrels for a rich and smooth flavor. The coffee is crafted from sustainably grown and ethically sourced beans that are carefully selected for their pairing with the bourbon. The green coffee beans are then aged in barrels that previously held bourbon, giving the coffee a subtle hint of bourbon flavor and aroma. After resting in the barrels for 40 +/- days, the beans are expertly roasted to the perfect level, burning off the alcohol content, and leaving the bourbon notes.

As you sip on a cup of Chef Bob's Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, you'll feel transported to the rolling hills of Kentucky, where the bourbon flows freely and the horses run wild.

It's also perfect for entertaining guests. While hosting your Derby party, add Chef Bob's Coffee Julep to your menu. Find the ingredients and instructions on our blog. You'll enjoy all the Derby drink traditions wrapped up in one delicious cocktail. 

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About Chef Bob's Coffee

Chef Bob's Coffees are sustainably grown, ethically sourced, and expertly roasted. All our beans are sourced directly from small family farms of two acres or less. They are imported directly and perfectly roasted by our master roaster in Orlando, Florida. Our coffees are handcrafted for a premium small batch experience. Each roast is designed to define your day - where do you want to go today?