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Chef Bob's Coffee

Chef Bob's Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Half Barrel

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Tasting Notes

Ethically Sourced. Handcrafted. Locally Roasted in Orlando, Florida.

Chef Bob's Bourbon Barrel Aged coffees are rested in retired bourbon barrels for 40 days and then expertly roasted. The beans take on a rich bourbon flavor that carries through to the brewed coffee, giving it a truly unique flavor profile that coffee lovers will enjoy. Each bag is hand signed and numbered. Only 40 bags are offered per batch.

The Bourbon Barrel Coffee is Chef Bob's original bourbon barrel coffee offering. It's a tried and true roast that coffee drinkers who like a good, flavorful, easy-drinking coffee will enjoy.

Bourbon Barrel Half Barrels are expertly ground by the roaster, 6 oz.


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