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Chef Bob's Coffee

Creme Brulee Artisan Roasts Flavored Coffee

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Tasting Notes

Artisan Roasts: The Art of Great Coffee!

Chef Bob's Artisan Roasts are coffee elevated to an art form. The beans are ethically sourced from premium growers from around the world and expertly roasted in Orlando, Florida. Each bag is labeled with its own piece of art, created by artist John Horrell. Flavors are designed by Chef Bob, and are ever evolving with limited edition, small batch runs of each flavor. Chef Bob's Artisan Roasts are the coffee you "brew to woo"! Whole bean, 12 oz.


Why wait for dessert?! Enjoy this French classic for breakfast (or any time of day!). Artisan Roasts Creme Brulee flavored coffee pairs well with cream and a vanilla sugar or a French vanilla creamer. Fresh lavender and honey elevate it even further for a truly unique coffee experience.

Chef Bob's Artisan Roasts Flavored Coffee

  • Flavored roasts need a touch of cream and sugar, or a sweetened creamer to fully bring out the rich flavors. Savor your first sip freshly brewed and "naked", and then add cream and sugar or sweetened creamer for the ultimate coffee tasting experience.
  • Artisan Roasts Flavored Coffees are Keto-friendly and sugar free. We use high quality natural extract flavorings that are free from chemicals, fillers and dyes.
  • Ethically sourced. Small batch, handcrafted and expertly roasted in Orlando, Florida.


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